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Cronut at Dominique Ansel Bakery

Fancy a free flight to the Big Apple, then heading to the Dominique Ansel Bakery to try the original cronut? And all the while getting paid?

Sound too good to be true?

Not if you work for an airline.

I flew for seven years, and when in New York - my favourite thing to do was head for a cronut. So, if you'd like to be a flight attendant, I've put together this guide to get you on the way to cronut feasting.

Flight Attendant sitting in First Officer seat on Qantas A380


Make sure you satisfy these before you even think of pressing 'Apply now'.

  • There are height restrictions, so check with all the airlines you want to fly with for the lowest height restriction (they vary due to the overhead locker size). 148cm would be one of the shortest heights accepted.

  • You must not have ANY criminal convictions - police reports and checks are generally always part of the application procedure.

  • If you are applying for an airline that flys over water - you’ll have to have the ability to swim. Doggy paddle is 100% acceptable. This is for emergency purposes only and I can promise, you wont be doing this every day you go to work.

Boeing 747 Aircraft engines above frozen landscape on route to New York


  • Travel experience: that's part of why your signing up isn't it!?

  • To look a certain way: This simply isn't the case in any way, shape or form. You also don't need to be a female, I worked onboard with a crew of 23 once, and there were only two females!

  • To be young: airlines love to have a mix. Older age just means more knowledge and maturity! It's never too late.

  • Have a qualification: It really isn't a requirement. Your attitude and enthusiasm for the job is much more important.

  • Love wearing make up and high heels: As soon as you get up in the air you can change straight into flat 'cabin' shoes. We all do it. Make-up is not essential, but you'll find it more comfortable to pop on a bit of mascara and lip gloss. Flight attendants are known for their beautiful skin and that's purely because we have to wash it every day after a flight and moisturise vigorously to avoid cracked and flaky skin!

  • A love of flying: Some people are even scared of flying before they sign up - but you'll soon learn how safe flying actually is. You're much much much more likely to be injured driving to the airport, but nobody thinks twice about that.

View of Wellington, New Zealand from Boeing 737-800 Aircraft


  • The most important thing is to be a happy, approachable, people person. Smile, smile, smile!

  • Have some customer service experience - the more the better.

  • Speak more than one language - especially if the flights go to those countries.

  • It's an advantage to have done a first aid course or have medical background.

  • Have knowledge about the aviation industry and of course the company you’re applying for. Set up a google news alert of the airline you're applying for, and get daily updates of what the airline is up to before your interview. That way, you'll be up to date with new routes, new aircraft and other news the airline is excited about.

  • Know the recruiters.

  • Look respectable, and wear tidy professional clothes. Tie your hair out of your face (most airlines require hair to be tied up) and look as confident as you should feel!

Birds eye view of New York from Boeing 747 window


Once you’ve been accepted, you’ll be put through vigorous training that lasts for at least a month. You will be taught every single thing you need to know about the job - from how to evacuate 300 people in 3 minutes, to how to walk in your heels and the best way to apply lipstick. There are tests and exams so be prepared to study very hard. You will have an incredible time and make lifelong friends.

Good luck to you all!

Radha worked as flight attendant, customer service manager and safety auditor for 7 years.

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Qantas A380 tails sticking out from hangers in Sydney, Australia

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