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5 Simple Ways to Travel for Free

Dreaming of packing everything up and seeing the world but never brave enough to live life spending money without any income? We've found your perfect solution for you and you don't really need to have any special skills for these ideas...

Here's how you can see the world - FOR FREE


Get paid for your free luggage space and fly for free!

How this works?

Enter your planned flight details into the Airmule website and carry items for (TSA approved) goods. The company wanting to send the goods to the destination your going, will PAY YOU to put their items into your bags, saving them hefty freight fees!


Snuggle with your favourite animals and enjoy accomodation you'd never have dreamt you'd be able to afford..

How this works?

Register on these websites to have access people looking for trustworthy people to look after their loved pets and precious homes. 'Sittings' range from 1 week to a few months of looking after a house and/or pets to save the owner on security and pet-sitting costs!


Work for 2-5 hours a day in return for... EVERYTHING!

How this works?

Register on the website and create a profile with your strengths, interests and experience. You can search for the type of work you like doing in the destination you want to be in and the host can also contact you if what you offer looks interesting to them. Work can range from 2-5Hours a day and in return you'll receive anything from shared dorm room to a private room - including all your meals! You're generally treated like part of the family, all the while, learning about the new cultures and traditions of the country.


Look after children, get lots of free time, get PAYED to travel and save money at the same time.

How this works?

You register on the website and are free to browse and search nannying jobs in the area your interested in travelling to. This is perfect for anyone looking to really learn about a culture or language and looking for long term stays.


Stay for free - no strings attached

How this works?

Again, you'll need to register on the website where you'll then be able to search (and be searched) for people that are opening their homes to strangers because well... their people just like you! Hosts are generally travellers themselves and understand the huge expense of accomodation. Stays are more of a social affair rather than a place to just sleep so you'll need to be the kind of person that loves to interact and is open to new cultures - it's an experience for both sides of the 'agreement!'


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