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Exploring the Seychelles by Luxury Yacht

Sea Star yacht Silhouette Cruises

There's a little cluster of islands off the coast of Africa where the sand is so white, the water so turquoise blue - you think you’re on another planet.

Most of us dream of a tropical holiday on a yacht, so we’ve found the best place on Earth to do just that.

It’s a place where coconuts grow to 30kg, and giant tortoises get to 400kg. And the waters are bluer than you ever imagined.

The Seychelles is a tropical paradise to rival the Maldives and Tahiti. The best way to tour around the islands is definitely by yacht.

Silhouette Cruises offers week-long trips around six of the islands with up to 18 guests. And you do it in serious style – aboard a luxury all-inclusive yacht.

St Pierre island Seychelles


  1. Being able to see all the main attractions without having to worry about how to get there.

  2. Having the ocean as your on-demand bathtub. It's warm, clean and always available.

  3. Incredibly fresh and healthy food from the on-board chef. You'll never be hungry.

  4. Kayak, paddle board or head off for a snorkel whenever you want. The choice is yours!

  5. Meet beautiful people. Both the staff and the other passengers were people we hope to keep in touch with forever.

View from Curieuse island Praslin turtle island


Silhouette Cruises is all about showing you the very best that the Seychelles has to offer - from your floating hotel room.

Highlights include visiting some of the most beautiful beaches on Earth, such as Anse Lazio. This beach on the northern coast of Praslin has incredible powder white sand, lined with granite boulders and coconut trees. It's famed for its turtles, and we found two swimming in the shallows.

You will also visit La Digue, a beach often voted the most beautiful in the world: Anse Source d'Argent (pictured below).

Kayaking on a northern beach of Mahe, Seychelles


The main islands of the Seychelles are actually granite rock that date back more than 200 million years to the ancient supercontinent Gondwana. Scientists believe the lush untouched jungle found on these islands give a glimpse into what ancient life would have looked like - and the best place to see it is the national park of 'Val de Mare' on Praslin.

The cruise stops for an hour tour around the ancient reserve, which is also home to the coco de mare (the largest seed on Earth). It looks like a giant coconut, and can weigh up to 30kgs each! (pictured below)

Silhouette cruises Seychelles


There are more giant tortoise than people in the Seychelles. One hundred thousand live on the remote Aldabra atoll in the south of the country – the largest single population in the world.

As part of the cruise, you will see tortoise on the island of Curieuse. There are hundreds of tortoise on the island, and are very friendly and inquisitive - they will often walk up to tourists expecting you to pick off a branch of leaves and feed them.

Giant tortoise being fed on Curieuse Island Seychelles


The rooms are beautifully appointed, and have everything that you might need. Cupboards, lights, power outlets to charge your devices and your own bathroom - complete with lush towels and a viewing porthole to enjoy the ocean.

Your bed will be decked with warm duvets so you can cuddle up if the air-conditioned cabins.

The lovely hostesses will tidy it daily so you'll arrive back from activities to a clean room every day.

Most of the rooms can accomodate 3 people, but are also perfect for couples.

There's also a honeymoon suite at the front of the ship (pictured below) that you'll need to book quick to avoid disappointment.

Breakfast on Silhouette Cruises, Seychelles


Free daily activities include:

  • Snorkelling

  • Paddleboarding

  • Kayaking

  • Deep sea fishing upon request

Extra activities include:

  • Scuba diving with a certified instructor

  • Visiting national and marine parks

Curieus turtle island Seychelles


Fresh, delicious and healthy. Here's a few items we enjoyed during our 8 days:

  • Avocado salads

  • Huge tropical fruit plattters

  • Baked cheese gratin

  • Local fish in coconut sauce Creol style with creamy passionfruit sauce

  • Pumpkin chutney

  • BBQ fried chicken and sausages

  • Green vegetable salads with local fruit

Chef and lunch on Silhouette cruises


The staff are some of the friendliest people you will meet in the Seychelles, and the boat is well crewed. There's a captain, two or three deck hands, and three cabin attendants and of course the chef!

We were continuously brought cold drinks and snacks throughout the day and became quick friends with these beautiful, genuine people.

Swimming in the Seychelles


  • You don't need to bring anything but your clothes, a swimsuit, sun protectives and your toiletries - everything else is provided!

  • If you have any dietary requirements the staff will still ensure you have everything you need to eat!

  • It's the perfect/best way to see the Seychelles if you only have 7 days.

  • Never miss an opportunity to go snorkelling! You never know what you might see.

  • Book in a course to learn to dive - the onboard dive instructors are very knowledgeable.

  • Silhouette Cruises also offer special expeditions to more intrepid islands, like Aldabra - the world's second largest coral atoll and the largest population of giant tortoise in the world - 100,000!!! Quick fact: They can weigh up to 350kg!

  • If you don't like sharing, you can always hire the entire yacht - for as long as you wish.

Female coco de mer Seychelles


Departure for the 7 night cruise is every Saturday from Victoria harbour in Mahè (the main island and capital of the Seychelles) at around 11am.

You can get there within 20minutes from the airport by taxi ride, which will cost around 40-50 Euro. You could also take a bus, but only if you have hand luggage. The buses do not allow suitcases.

With the potential for flight delays you don't want to arrive the day of your cruise, so it's best to arrive at least a day early.

Silhouette cruises


Silhouette Cruises offers a variety of week long cruises, with prices starting at €1,500 per adult ($1800 USD). This includes all meals and water-sports.


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