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Kuala Lumpur's Incredible Healthy Eateries

Despite Kuala Lumpur being one of the best places to feast on cheap-eats at the vibrant night markets, there are some incredible restaurants in the city that offer healthy modern dishes.

Here are a few of our favourites that we suggest you don't miss out on:

Simple Life Kuala Lumpur


No visit to Kuala Lumpur is complete without trying Nasi Lemak; and this is where you'll find the best (and healthiest) one.

Founder and CEO Tracy Ngo and Lai Keun Ban are a husband and wife team with a true passion for health.

It all came about in 1992 when Tracy decided to take her health into her own hands and treat food as thy medicine. She's now taking this to the world.

The restaurant chain has proven hugely successful with people queuing to dine at peak hours.

It's really not hard to see why once you've tried a dish here - the Nasi Lemak is a stroke of genius with the most beautiful flavours I didn't even realise were possible in a vegetarian dish. This is their aim too - to prove that vegetarian is anything but boring.

Simple Life Nasi Lemak


  • 13 outlets - one Signature restaurant which is in the Pavilion Mall that serves a few extra dishes.

  • No MSG, no artificial colours or flavourings, organic where possible, wholefoods, vegetarian food only, vegan options available.

  • The blue rice is coloured with the petals of the clitoria ternatea flower - yep all natural!

  • Must try dishes include the Nasi Lemak and Lei Cha (a bit like a bibimbap, but served with a green tea soup).

  • Find Simple Life Signature on level 1 of the Pavilion shopping mall in Bukit Bintang.

La Juiceria in Kuala Lumpur warm vegetarian bowls


These guys are also on a mission to make healthy food more accessible and 'fashionable'. They have an incredible range of juices and their salads will keep you going for the rest of the day.

We tried their warm vegetarian bowls packed with roasted pumpkin, organic tofu, brown rice, mushrooms, nuts, a variety of vegetables and a delicious thai red curry sauce.

La Juiceria Beet Aid drink

It's the perfect place for a quick take-away without any guilt... although they also do stock raw cakes and delicious granolas by a company called the The Honest Treat.



  • They serve vegan coffee (with almond milk) which also comes with a shot of chlorophyll to suppress that coffee breath.

  • 11 detox bars throughout the city serving fresh juices and smoothies (like the one above).

  • 3 sit-down cafes serving juices, smoothies, cakes, salads and smoothie bowls.

  • Most of the ingredients are organic.

  • The Berry Bliss Juice is AMAZING.

  • La Juiceria has a delivery service.

Being led into the dark hall


This is an experience that you MUST try at least once! It's so much more than just a meal in the dark, and we found ourselves so excited we got all dressed up.. even though we weren't going to be seeing much of each other.

Dining in the dark Kuala Lumpur games

After a couple of fun pre-dinner games to warm us up for the experience, (pictured above) we were guided into complete and utter darkness by our visibly impaired guide. With hands placed upon each others shoulders, we choochoo-trained our way through the dark to be gently guided to our seats.

After much giggling at the fact that we didn't know whether to keep our eyes open or closed and fumbling around to try and navigate our utensils, we were advised that our starter had been places before us.

Eating the food was a game in itself and tasting it was beyond hilarious, as we tried to guess what in the world we were putting into our mouths. It was delicious and the 'cheesy fried crunchy thing' was a definite highlight.

Before I spoil too much of the experience, I'll stop revealing our experience and advise you to make this a top priority when visiting KL.


  • The Entree was our favourite.

  • They have wifi but you cannot bring your phone - or anything into the dining area. It's just you, your companion and the food.

  • Vegetarian options are available - all dietary requirements are catered to.

  • Most of the wait staff are visually impaired.

  • Great for team building.

  • You will be given the menu after your meal to see if your guesses were correct. (Ours weren't)

  • The best spot in town for a 'Blind Date'...

A Toast Breakfast and Juice Bar


In the middle of no-where, sitting humbly beneath a foot bridge, there is a tiny little cafe that serves the best sandwich we've ever had.

These guys are popular with the young crowd - thanks mostly to social media.

A.Toast has created the perfect instagrammable sandwich: Gooey fried egg, hot crispy hash brown, cheese sauce and fresh lettuce are sandwiched between pillowy soft slices of bread and served cut-side-up in a bamboo basket. It really was the best sandwich we've ever tried and the fresh juices were exceptional too.

It's the simplicity of the menu and items that make this place so good.


  • It's a bit of a walk from the central city area.

  • The fried egg and hash brown sandwich is a MUST TRY.

  • They also serve juices, a huge variety of teas, coffee, fresh salads (with bread), wraps and french toast.

  • Take-away is available.

  • Open 6am-3pm weekdays & 9am-3pm weekends.

  • They stock amazing, locally made peanut butter.

  • They don't have Wifi.


A Singapore cafe chain that takes food and coffee seriously. Here you can get the best coffee in KualaLumpur - probably the best in Malaysia. The cakes and pastries in the cabinet look mouthwatering, however the food quality and presentation of our breakfast eggs left us disappointed and hungry. Despite our disappointment - we'd go back for the good coffee.


  • Food, service and slow wifi just don't do the funky atmosphere and coffee justice.

  • It's in a central location - perfect for a morning coffee and cake.

  • They have a function room upstairs.

  • Outdoor seating for smokers.

  • 3-4 other cafes right next door so you could always have a sweet treat here and eat there...


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