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Horse Riding on the Gili Islands

Galloping horse on beach, Gili islands


Wading through crystal clear glistening water, the cool breeze gently blowing through your hair as you gaze in wonder at the streaking colours of the sky.

The sun sinks slowly and then, as if it remembers the time, it melts into the horizon, illuminating a huge volcano on the island of Bali.

Your body is hovering above the ocean - just your feet skimming the surface of the warm water that is now reflecting the crimson coloured sky.

You're sitting on a strong warm body, a large heart beating beneath you as your fingers wrap into the mane of a beautiful island pony. It's everything dreams are made of.

Horse riding into sunset Gili T island


The Gili Islands are a group of three islands, just off the coast of Lombok - about two hour's fast ferry from Bali.

They are most frequently visited by tourists and expats from Bali, or visitors to Lombok mainland. There are no cars on any of the islands - the only way of getting around is by horse-drawn cart, bicycles or your own two feet.

Gili Trawangan or Gili T is the most famous of the three islands, due to its reputation for being a party island with vibrant nightlife.

While this is certainly true, there are also many other activities available that don't include drinking.

They include paddle boarding, diving, snorkelling, boat trips for fishing - and our favourite, horse riding.

STUD Horse Riding Adventures offer customised horse rides to anyone visiting Gili T island, and we found them to be the best company in the way that they look after the welfare of their animals.

The ponies used for the horse drawn carts on the islands are often malnourished and work long, hard days in the heat with very little water or food.

They carry extremely heavy loads and it's sad to see up to 8 tourists piling into the back of a cart at once.

Some of these ponies are now also being used for tourists to ride in the evenings to make extra money - this is why we recommend you book horse riding through a company that only offer rides on riding horses - not work horses.

Swimming with horses Gili T, Lombok


With STUD you can easily request what you would like to do via email, so you'll be sure to get an experience you won't forget.

Some ideas: family or group rides, solo bareback rides, horse swims with your besties, galloping along white beaches at sunrise or a romantic walk along the ocean towards the sunset with your loved one.

The only restriction? Rides are not offered between 10am-3pm as it is too hot during the day and the welfare of these beautiful creatures comes first.

For more information or to make a booking, head over to the STUD Facebook page or send them an email HERE.

Riding horse on Gili T island

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