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Incredible European Destinations you Never Knew Existed


Kimonos Island Chalk Beach Greece

Also known as 'Chalk Island' has crystal clear beaches and huge white boulders like these ones which funnily enough... make chalk.

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A real life, inhabited medieval walled village - complete with a huge fort, drawbridge and watch tower. It's really nothing short of a fairy tale to wonder through the village streets and to the small central square. You can even enjoy a meal at the local creperie!

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Bagni San Filippo Free thermal springs in Italy

Did someone say free thermal bath? Yes. and they're dotted all along a huge cliffside, covered in white and lime green from the calcium carbonate in the water that flows infinitely over the rocks. Small tubs sit perfectly to fit two and overlook the forested area below. Places like this won't stay accessible or free for long though so don't wait till it's too late!!

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Folegandros Island Greece

One of the most beautiful and quiet Islands in Greece. Folegandros is still somewhat undiscovered and the isolated beaches, friendly people and calm atmosphere are so much part of it's charm. Hurry though! It won't stay this way for long either.

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Grotta Della Poesia Swimming trench in Southern Italy

A giant ocean trench or mermaid pool if you like. This incredible place is a must see when visiting southern Italy - you can even swim under the rocks and into the ocean if you're brave enough to battle the waves!

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Croatian old watermill town, the mini Plitvice

A magical small town built on waterfalls. Also known as the small town of Plitvice because of it's many falls. Here you can also swim in the river just past this bridge. Rastoke is home to one of the worlds most venomous snakes in the world - so watch your step!

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Laghetti Casagrande river and waterf in Sicily

Hike down the mountainside to this glorious oasis in the south eastern part of Sicily. We came here during off season and had the place to ourselves - not the same story as in summer, when hundreds flock here to slide down the natural forming waterfalls. It's the gem of southern Sicily that you'll want all to yourself.

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Szemerald river northern Italy

Europe has some of the cleanest and most beautiful swimming rivers in the entire world. This one's a bit more undiscovered but it won't be for long.. just look at it!! The river has it's name because of the stunning emerald colour to the water. It's the perfect day for a refreshing dip on a hot day. It's super hard to find so we've left the link for the location below:

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Vulcano Island Sicily Italy

A volcanic Island just off the northern coast of Sicily, Vulcano is an active volcanic island in the Eolian sea. Therapeutic mud baths are the most popular tourist attraction along with warm sulphur bubbling up into the ocean along the coast of the island. It's like a hot spring and beach in one!

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Civita di Bagnoregio in central Italy

Also known as the town that is dying because of it's decaying mountain sides, the small town will take you back to a time where flowers line the streets instead of parked cars - only donkeys. The town is only lit by candlelight or the moon on clear nights.

Not more than 12 people call this village their home, yet during the summer months there are hundreds of people visiting this fairytale town every day.

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