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Inside the Most Luxurious Club Med in the World

From the lap pool we can see baby sharks and eagle rays glide by. We're in an overwater villa so big it's almost the size of the average house

A glass of champagne and nibbles is floating next to us on a special buoyant platter. Inside, the butler is running a bubble bath.

Is this a dream? No, we're at Club Med Finolhu Villas, in the Maldives. It's a super-chic and recently opened adults-only paradise, a 40 minute speed boat trip from the country main airport at Male.

Club Med Finolhu aerial view

Club Med Finolhu opened in 2016

While most Club Meds are family-oriented action packed affairs, the resort chain has also been developing an ultra-luxurious set of properties - Finolhu Villas is its flagship.

The star attraction is the 30 overwater villas that form a gradual arch on the south end of the island.

The villas are jaw-droppingly opulent. The two-person granite bath is shaped like a giant egg, there's champagne chilling in the lounge - and an on-call butler ready to attend to your every whim (including breakfast in bed).

The bubble bath in an overwater villa

A butler will fill your bubble bath while you're at lunch or dinner

But it gets even better when you step out to the balcony. From the lap pool, you can relax (with your floating platform of snacks) and watch the magic of the Maldives unfold. Our first sight was an eagle ray passing by, then a pufferfish, followed by small sharks, and more eagle rays.

Did I just mention the S word? Yes, on most islands in the Maldives you'll find dozens of baby reef sharks. They are not the slightest bit interested in humans, and while you can easily see them from the shore it's harder to spot them in the water because of their timid nature.

Infinity pool in an overwater bungalow

Morning tea in the overwater bungalow infinity pool

The overwater restaurant, at the other end of the tiny island, is just as spectacular as the rooms. The centrepiece is a glass-bottom bar where you can enjoy unlimited drinks and watch the fish below (it's Club Med after all - and everything is unlimited!)

The chefs are French trained, and while we thought the food was some of the best we've ever eaten - I'll leave it in the hands of the experts.

Dining next to us was a judge from the hit Australian cooking show My Kitchen Rules, who raved about the food on his social media.

Relaxing at the beach

It often feels like you're the only one at Finolhu

If the peace and tranquility gets too much (hint: it doesn't) you can always catch a boat to the neighbouring Club Med Kani for water sports and party nights.

Finolhu takes a very different approach; you'll be treated to activities at a much more gentle pace like cinema under the stars with beanbags, popcorn and drinks on the beach.

There's also magnificent snorkelling a short boat trip away where you'll see more fish than you thought possible, along with turtles, moray eels and if you're lucky: giant mantaray. That's of course if you ever want to leave your villa - where the sea life, incredible food and drink come right to you.

Overwater sunset bungalow

More information: 7 nights in an all-inclusive beach villa starts at $4,200 USD per person. 7 nights in an all-inclusive overwater bungalow starts at $5,100 USD per person. See


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