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Sri Lanka's Hidden Eco Paradise: Elements Resort

Not long ago, Sri Lanka was an undiscovered gem. It's still a gem, but in certain parts of the country - it's teeming with tourists.

But, there are still undiscovered parts of the country, with few tourists and heaps to explore.

Elements Resort is in the north of the country, and is the perfect retreat for everything from dolphin safaris to kite boarding - and of course relaxation.

View from Cabana at Elements Resort Sri Lanka


  1. Get off the tourist trail and experience the real Sri Lanka

  2. Waking up to chirping birds, the rustle of coconut palms and the crashing waves of the Indian Ocean right outside your bungalow

  3. You can see the biggest pod of spinner dolphins in the world - more than 500 in a single group, an incredible sight!

  4. Activities ranging from Ayurveda treatments to windsurfing, kiteboarding and paddle boarding

  5. The incredible food - including one of the best lunch menus in Sri Lanka

Yoga and meditation at Elements Nature and watersports Resort Sri Lanka


The resort is a celebration of the surrounding elements, where you can still enjoy the luxuries of modern comfort.

The area is almost completely untouched from commercial tourism, which gives a glimpse into the real Sri Lanka.

Elements Resort Sri Lanka


Kappalady, in the north west of Sri Lanka, is an almost untouched peninsular. The resorts sits between the beautiful ocean and a flat-water lagoon, renowned as one of the best kitesurfing locations in the world.

The area is still finding its feet in the tourism world, so we suggest you get there and see what Sri Lankan beaches were really like before the tourism wave hit!

Coconut Cabana at Elements Nature Resort


There are three different types of accomodation available:

  • Spacious rectangular lagoon villas facing the water.

  • Luxurious round villas with views of the lagoon.

  • Thatched roof cabanas for those who like to be more at one with nature. They feature an open, elevated bedroom with views over the coconut trees and an open air shower to watch the stars glow at night.


  • Kitesurfing: The adjacent lagoon has consistent wind perfect for kiting from May to October.

  • Paddle boarding: You can easily paddle a 2 kilometre course along the coastline.

  • Scuba diving and snorkelling: There are excellent reefs just a few kilometres offshore of the resort.

  • Dolphin and whale watching: Get up early and watch more than 500 dolphins chase tuna - the biggest pod of spinner dolphins in the world. It will undoubtedly be the highlight of your trip to Sri Lanka. If you're lucky, you'll also spot whales, including the ocean's true monster - the blue whale.

  • Yoga, Ayurveda and bird watching: are also available

Breakfast Buffet at Elements Nature Resort Sri Lanka


Local and seasonal produce along with seafood are the highlight here. The resort sits right by the ocean and is surrounded by local farming land.

Elements is one of the best places to enjoy all types of shellfish. There’s a morning fish market within 5 minutes walk where the freshest of fish is purchased for the daily meals.

The lunch menu features huge healthy sandwiches and raw vegetable salads as well as fried coconut and many more delicious snack items.

Breakfast Buffet views at Elements Nature and Watersports Hotel


We arrived as guests and left as friends. Because tourism hasn't yet effected this northern part of Sri Lanka, the people are a lot more relaxed and genuine than a few places in the south.

We arrived without having to haggle a price with a tuktuk (whereas you'll often be charged 3x the local price in the South) and were welcomed by name upon arrival.

Although all guests were given their own tables at dinner, it felt like a family dinner every evening and we certainly never wanted to leave!

Walk to the Breakfast Buffet Elements waterspouts Nature Resort Sri Lanka


Just under three hours driving by private car from the International airport, Colombo. Transport is best arranged by the hotel.

Public transport can take up to 8 hours so we definitely recommend hiring a driver.

Beach walks at Elements Nature Resort Sri Lanka


From $110 - $260 USD per couple depending on the season.

Check the Elements Resort website for more information.

For the latest specials click on the link below to go through to Elements Resort booking page on our favourite site, Agoda:


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