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The 12 most beautiful places in Sicily

Sicily is like no other island you'll ever visit. You can ski, hike and swim at beautiful beaches and in crystal clear streams. For foodies, you can eat the world's best pistachios and almonds and visit some of the oldest medieval towns in the world.

Want to know the best things to do in Sicily? Look no further:


Taormina Beach with stretch of sand to Island

One of the most beautiful towns in Sicily is perched high up on a rock face overlooking this incredible swimming and snorkelling beach. Beat the crowds and go early in the morning.

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Syracuse street in Siciliy, Italy

A beautiful old town with an incredible church in the centre, and an ice-cream parlour you won't want to miss. (Fior di Latte)

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Otobratta Zafferana Food Festival on the slopes of Etna in Sicily

The Otobratta (or October) food festival is Sicily's biggest and most exciting. Every weekend in the month of October there is a new theme - be it field mushrooms or... you guessed it.. pistachios! Every day guarantees all you can eat cannoli (Deep fried pastry filled with sweetened ricotta cream), risotto and so so much more.

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Laghetti Cavegrande River and waterfalls Sicily

I would never have guessed that the rivers in Sicily would rival the incredible beaches! At Laghetti Cavegrande, not only is the water incredibly fresh and clear, there are waterfalls, jumping cliffs and even a huge natural waterslide!!

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Noto, Sicily Pink flowers Italy

This city was completely destroyed in a massive earthquake in the 1600's. The entire city was rebuilt in the style of a 'stone garden'. The city is considered the best example of Sicilian baroque architecture.

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Ricotta stuffed Pistachio Pizza Acidic Lattico in Catania

The best pizza we've ever eaten outside of Naples can be found at a chic little restaurant called Acidico Lattico. I'm a pistachio, ricotta and pesto fiend so think this may have actually been made for me. It was always meant to happen.

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Modica, Chocolate capital of the world Sicily

Creating chocolate just like the Aztecs used to. Modica chocolate is actually 'raw', so the health benefits are amazing - however the sugar crystals mixed with the cacao don't dissolve, giving it a crunchy, grainy texture. If it's not to your taste (it wasn't to ours after having inhaled about 2kg) there's a shop in the centre of the town called TASTA, selling the best snickers ice-cream you'll EVER try.

Snickers ice cream gelato at Tasta Modica

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Spiaggia Della Scala Dei Turchi White chalk Cliffs Sicily

"Spiaggia della Scala" or Stair of the Turks is a huge white cliff that looks - and feels - like you're walking on the moon, with incredible beaches and coves below.

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Wait... there's Flamingos in Italy!? Yes - they migrate all the way from Africa - hundreds of them flock to the Salt Flats just outside of Trapani.

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Erice Medieval town above Trapani in Fog

The most intriguing medieval town we've been to. Perched atop a massive mountain 500 metres high, it's got views all over the island - that's if you're not above or in the clouds like we happened to be! The sunset over the city of Trapani is truly magical.

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Clear waters in Sicily

Thought the waters in the tropics were clear? The ocean here is so beautiful and unspoiled. Travelling outside of June/July/August is definitely recommended though. Everywhere along the island there are stunning places to swim, but the most beautiful patches of sand and sea were in and around the north eastern coast.

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A beautiful but busy town. Not far from Palermo, it's visited by most cruise ship passengers and day visitors to Sicily - so definitely try to avoid the busy season. The hike on to the huge rock to overlook the town is well worth it.

Show me where Cefalù is on google maps


Volcano on Vulcano Island in the Aeolian Island group in Italy

NOT technically part of Sicily, but we had to feature something volcanic right!? About an hour off the coast you'll find this sulphuric gem. You're visiting a live volcano, overdue for a massive eruption - but don't let that put you off. This place is definitly worth the boat trip and even an overnight stay. The natural sulphur thermal springs are well known for their therapeutic properties and a hike up the volcano gives a reward like no other during sunset or sunrise.

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