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Top things to do in Singapore

Singapore has become one of our favourite cities in the world, and if you get the chance to stop over too, here are the top things you shouldn't miss out on:

Art Science museum Singapore


This is no ordinary garden - it's like walking around a real-life Avatar set in central Singapore.

The centrepiece of the park is what's called 'supertrees' - huge vertical gardens that are up to 16 stories high.

They have thousands of plants living in them, to give the impression of one massive tree. Each night thousands of people gather at the supertrees for a dazzling light show - which is free!

Gardens by the Bay


The Flower Dome is a massive indoor 'greenhouse' with thousands of different flowering plants from Madagascar to Australia.

It's an oasis, and a welcome escape from the heat outside. It even has a cafe with free wifi. It's right next door to the Cloud Forest which is even better..

Singapore Cloud forest


Here, the world's tallest indoor waterfall cascades down the side of a jungle covered mountain, that you can actually walk up.

As you pass the gentle mist from the waterfall, you'll be guided along a walkway that winds its way up the side of this huge vertical garden.

You'll walk behind the waterfall, all the way to the top and then weave your way down again over high suspended bridges to get views from all sides of this incredible indoor haven.

Gardens by the Bay from above


Singaporeans LOVE their food. All good eateries will have queues of people waiting for their lunch and dinner, encouraging outlets to think outside the box and offer something that is not only tasty, but also beautiful.

Social media is key here, and once something becomes a trend it will attract thousands of people. Trends come and go quickly so there's always something new to be found.

At the time of writing, milk shakes loaded with marshmallow and donut toppings are a thing of the past.. but salted egg sauce? YES PLEASE! It's found in almost everything - in croissants, in dim sum, on pizza, drizzled over soft shell crab, salted egg soups and salted egg pasta. It sounds weird but it's actually delicious.

Feasting on food in Singapore


This will be one of your highlights in Singapore. Here you can get lost in a maze of 170,000 lights that you can control the colour and patterns of. It's one of the most beautiful and mesmerising things I've seen.

There is also heaps of other fun interactive things to do that could keep you busy for hours.

Art Science Museum 'Space'


If you need to escape Singapore, head to the resort island of Sentosa. It's a 10 minute cable car ride away from the city, and has dozens of attractions like Universal Studios, beaches, a waterpark, aquarium, luging, zip lining and a 15,000 strong butterfly park - just to name a few!

Below is a picture inside of Ocean Suites at Resort World Sentosa - where your window looks into the S.E.A aquarium.

Aquarium view rooms Sentosa


The eight billion dollar Marina Bay Sands complex is the iconic centrepiece of downtown Singapore. The three tower hotel has a whopping 2500 rooms with an enormous surfboard like plank on top of the hotel, joining the towers. There you can find restaurants, a nightclub and the world's longest infinity pool.

You can only swim in the pool if you're a guest but it's not cheap - prices start at $420 per night or you can nab the Chairman's Suite for a cool $17,000 per night. Otherwise, like the rest of us, you take a brief trip up to the observation deck for $23.

The complex is much more than a hotel - it's a celebration of all things luxury. It has a mall complete with Venetian-style gondolas running through it. Last year it even ran a $2 million dollar dinner which included 10,000 roses and a blue diamond ring.

Marina bay Sands Singapore Icon and the Art Science Museum


Singapore has no shortage of culture, and what's especially noticeable in how well traditions and customs blend.

The vibrant and ever-bustling Chinatown has some of the best cheap-eats you can get in the city.

By day, the area is full of shoppers grabbing a bargain. By night, lines of Chinese lanterns create a beautiful glow as the streets turn into a giant food court with sizzling satay on every corner.


Have you ever wanted to visit India? Do you image it to be some sort of beautiful, colourful, friendly exotic country with coconut trees and amazing curry? Well it's not. Not really anyway. In India you will be hassled the moment you step out of your hotel room until the moment you return to your room. It's mayhem, chaos, scam central and the food can cause some serious stomach issues.

Don't get me wrong - India is an incredible place to visit and experience a unique culture, but for some it might just be a bit too overwhelming.

That's where little India in Singapore comes in. It felt as though we'd stept back onto the streets of Delhi, where the smell of sweet fried delicacies and intense spices like cardamon, coriander and curry leaves drift through the air. Colourful sequinned saris hang from shop windows and elephant print dresses sway on the racks outside street stalls. There were a few things missing though. We weren't being hassled, there were no cows eating rubbish because there simply isn't any - of either - and there's only the sound of traffic and gentle indian music playing from the colourful temple. It's your dream India.

Soft Shell Crab with Salted egg yolk sauce


Bugis is a cultural hub fizzing with creativity - through beautiful street art, handmade jewellery, second hand shops, designer boutiques and a few of the best eateries in Singapore.

It's the place of 'all things alternative' and a definite must visit for anyone new to Singapore.

It's the perfect place to see how much of a melting pot Singapore is. You've really got everything here in one street. A far more authentic experience than Orchard road.

Haji Lane in Bugis


  • Singapore flyer. A huge ferris wheel where you can also dine inside one of the cabins!

  • ifly Singapore. Indoor skydiving for those like me, that would never consider jumping from a plane.

  • Walk along the Singapore River lined with cafes and restaurants. It's the best thing to do after a big meal!

  • Orchard road window shopping. There are also a heap more affordable shops along this famous street, so it needn't all be from the window..

  • Singapore Zoo - Breakfast with Orangutans. This breakfast is something that would excite any young child (at heart) - you also get to have your picture taken with one.

Singapore Zoo Breakfast with Orangutans


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