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Video Tour: The Ultimate Sri Lankan Tree House


  1. Waking up to the sound of bird song and the fluttering of the trees in the wind.

  2. The incredible views looking out over the mountain range - you truly feel in the middle of the jungle.

  3. You'll literally sway in bed with the tree.


The Tree House is about being able to live that fairytale we all had when we were young - staying the night in a tree.

The rooms are literally built around the trunk of the tree and are secured to the highest, safest point, where one can look out over the valley and literally feel like a bird high up in the canopy.


The Tree House is located in Ginigathhena, a 3 hour car ride or 4-5 bus journey from Colombo.

The hotel has three tree houses, which each look out to an expansive jungle. At the foot of the valley is the picturesque Kehelgamuwa Oya (Oya meaning river) which you can swim at.

View from bedroom in the Treehouse Sri Lanka


There are 3 beautiful tree houses, each built around a tree trunk and floating above the jungle life below.

The huts all have balconies with incredible views, and windows to watch the sunrise and set. The rooms are also fully equiped with flushing toilets, running water (with incredible pressure) and multiple power outlets to charge all the devices you'll be needing to capture the experience!

The rooms are connected to the 'ground' by a wooden swing bridge.

Beds in the Treehouse Sri Lanka


The central location means there's no better place to base yourself for a few days of adventure in the jungle,

Nearby you'll find:

  • Adams peak is easily reachable for a morning (or midnight) hike.

  • Whitewater rafting

  • Waterfall hunting and swimming

  • Jungle trekking

  • Bird watching

  • Tea factory visits


Breakfast in a Tree House is truely an experience in its own right. You'll enjoy Sri Lankan string hoppers (kind of like noodle pancakes), coconut samnbal, dahl, omelette and fruit.


The ever-present onsite manager will greet you as soon as you arrive. He actually lives there, so he is always able to help with any questions, concerns or help to organise day trips including the best value tuk tuk into town.

He is incredibly safety conscious and ensures your stay is as comfortable as it can be.


  • The hotel has an onsite activities manager, which is generally cheaper than trying to get stuff done on your own.

  • There is a river nearby, but you'll need the guide to take you as you'll be passing through private property.

  • Organise tuktuks through the hotel, you'll get 'local rates' instead of the high prices tuk tuk drivers normally charge tourists.



  • Under 3 hours drive by private transport from Colombo International Airport.

  • From Colombo take a train to Kandy, then on to Nawalapitiya (closest train station to the Tree House). This journey can take up to 7 hours. The Tuktuk from the Nawalapitiya train station will be between 400-600Rupees.

  • A public bus trip from Colombo will take 5+ hours


Starting from $80USD per room, including breakfast.

You'll find more information on the Tree House website


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