Where to Find the Best Coffee in Singapore

Coffee in a cone, Singapore


WHAT TO GET: Waffle cone Latte

If you like chocolate, this is the best coffee in Singapore.

The 'coffee waffle' consists of home made waffle - which is lined on the inside with chocolate and a marshmallow, stuffed cleverly into the bottom to act as a plug for the latte. Then the coffee is poured into the cone for drinking - and then eating. Seriously delicious!

The 'Dirty' is also a must try. It's their signature coffee, served in a cute little measuring cup. It's essentially an upside down coffee. They pour creamy, textured milk first, then the espresso goes on top. It's served while it's still separated for you to appreciate the different textures or the creamy milk and espresso.

Coffee with a difference Singapore

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The house blend coffee here is creamy, low in acidity and will go perfectly with the incredible french toast on their breakfast menu.

RONIN also has a sister cafe called PUNCH, which serves amazing fruit salads, avocado on toast and delicious cookies you really can't say no to.

The coffee is best here at RONIN though.

Simple Coffee in Singapore

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WHAT TO GET: Sweet Little Rain

'Sweet little rain' is a huge pillowy soft cloud of fairy floss that suspends over a steaming hot cup of Americano.

The heat from the coffee will cause the candy floss to slowly melt and drizzle into your coffee - sweetening it up for drinking. The image below is of an already half melted cloud of floss which took another 5 minutes to melt almost completely!

While the coffee itself wasn't to our taste - the dramatic instagramable presentation was so worth it.

Candy Floss Coffee Singapore

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WHAT TO GET: Pink Latte

The beetroot and ginger latte isn't for coffee fanatics, but it was 100% for me, and anyone else appreciating a drink with a difference.

A healthy concoction of beetroot juice, ginger and creamy soya milk make this the best caffeine free/coffee alternative in the city.

Pink Beetroot Latte Singapore

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WHAT TO GET: Everything

STRAY is the sister property of one of the most popular ice-cream restaurants in Singapore - FATCAT.

At STRAY they redefine the meaning of fine dining by creating exquisite dishes - both savoury and sweet - with a difference.

The best thing about it?

The prices are the same as the average restaurant in Singapore city. The latte was perfection, but the drinks menu is also so intriguing, we bet you won't leave without trying at least 2 of their other 'concoctions'.

STRAY by FATCAT perfect latte

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The coffee here is simply pure, well made coffee.

If that's all you want, then the trip here is well worth it.

They also serve freshly made almond milk which will keep any vegan, raw food eater or dairy intolerant person extremely happy.

Open farm community sits on the boundry of the botanical garden and is the perfect place for a pick-me-up after a bit of a walk, and the meals won't disappoint either.. read more about this incredible dessert Here.

Sour cherry and chocolate dessert at Open Farm Community

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Besides their amazing food, these guys also do really great coffee. A sweet-food atmosphere, where you'll find many loyal customers that know this menu back to front. A must visit place when in this part of town.

Perfect Flat White

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