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World's Best Camera Bag?

For all you videographers or professional photographers out there - this one’s for you.

Think Tank are the best in the world at what they do and feature in most 'best camera bag' reviews on the web.

They don’t mess around with fashion - they create gear to get the job done so here's our thoughts on one of their latest designs..

Think Tank's VIDEO WORKHORSE Series.

No longer do we arrive at a job with 4-8 bags hanging off us - it’s just our two Think Tank bags; the backpack and the video workhorse.

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EVERYTHING fits into these spacious 'workhorse' bags. They’ve got incredible padding which is awesome when travelling on public transport to keep all of our gear secure.

There’s even a waterproof cover included, which we’ve been using as extra protection when checking the bag in on a flight.

Think Tank have designed these bags in a unique way in that the soft protection dividers are all removable (attached with velcro) so that you can wedge them in between your gear for the perfect fit every time.

The bags come with removable shoulder straps and there are also carry handles on the top and the side of the bag.

Think Tank just continues to amaze us with their durable, simple and perfectly thought out designs that we can’t wait to try another one of their creations!

Price: There are three sizes - this review is of the medium size - Video Workhorse 21.

It's currently on sale for $199 USD - normally $260

Disclaimer; We write reviews only on products that we truly believe in and that actually work. Whilst Think Tank Photo provided us with the Workhorse Bag, we were not paid to promote this product in any way. This is an honest review of our experience with the product.


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