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Most beautiful destinations you can't miss in 2017

These 8 incredible Instagram accounts will inspire you to get out of your comfort zone and start exploring some of the more undiscovered parts of this beautiful world.


Best for: Beaches, Luxury Resorts, Hiking, Waterfalls, Desert

Instagrammer: Kasia Stephen from @kate.stpn has inspired us to visit one of the most beautiful looking desert countries in the world. Where luxury resorts meet unexplored and isolated beaches. Check out her account to find out where these incredible places are.

Quick Fact:

Humans have inhabited what is now known as Oman for the last 106,000 years. It's also rated as one of the safest countries in the middle east with an incredibly low crime rate. Let's go!


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Show me where Oman is on google maps


Best for: Hiking, Scenery, Glaciers, Wildlife, Photography, Exploring

Instagrammer Katarina Wohlfahrt from @antligenvilse is an inspiration for us all. Not only does she write amazing tips and stories of her adventures, featuring mostly Nordic destinations, she takes incredible pictures to go with them.

Oh how we want to go to Greenland now too..

Quick fact:

A land area the size of Mexico, yet Greenland has no main roads! Traveling between towns and villages is done by plane, helicopter, boat, or dogsled.


Take me to Katarinas blog

Show me where Greenland is on google maps

Note: Katarinas Blog is written in Swedish but even if you don't speak it - the photography is worth a look!


Best for: Hiking, Caves, Skiing, Scenery, People, Photography, Road trips

Instagrammer Lydia Ward from @lydzward is from New Zealand and her travels around the globe have taken her to some incredible places already. She's only 21 and already a huge inspiration to many people wishing to travel the world.

Quick fact: New Zealand is one of the safest countries in the world (we rate it as No.1). Being so close to a country with the most poisonous snakes on earth (Australia) NZ literally has no animals that will kill you (unless you encounter a very hungry shark).


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Show me where the safest country on earth is on google maps


Best for: Rivers, Lakes, Waterfalls, Hiking, Scenery, Panda Bears

Quick fact:

Sichuan Province translates to 'Four Rivers' and is most famous for it's panda sanctuary and Jiuzhaigou Valley National Park (as pictured above). Spring and autumn are the most popular times to visit due to the 'perfect' weather.


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Show me where the Sichuan Province is on google maps


Best for: Sand dunes & Desert, Wild life, Adventure, Photography

Quick fact:

The country gets its name from the 'Namib' Desert which is home to the world's largest population of cheetahs and free roaming black rhinos - never mind all the elephants, zebra's, lions and the rest of the Lion King cast!


Take me to their travel website for more inspiration

Show me where Namibia is on google maps


Best for: Wildlife, Rainforest, Beaches, Rivers, Waterfalls, Photography

Instagrammer @oday_j has got one of the best Borneo collections we've seen and his images capture the unexplored beauty of this huge and diverse island perfectly. Nature certainly is the star here.

Quick fact: The third largest Island in the world is also one of the most divided. Borneo is politically separated amongst three countries; Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia. It's home to one of the oldest rainforests in the world (140 million years old!!) - with beautiful creatures like the Bornean orangutan, pygmy elephants, the clouded leopard and rhinoceros.


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Show me where Borneo is on google maps

Note: Borneo is facing a huge deforestation crisis due to logging and palm oil production.

Devastating for both the wild life, and the environment.


Best for: Hiking, Photography, Skiing, Mountain climbing, Cheese

Instagrammer Helena from @helenapichler has got an incredible and growing gallery of the breathtaking Switzerland. We could look through Helenas images for hours.

Quick fact:

Swiss watches, knives and chocolate are something you've no doubt already had, seen, or tasted.. but did you know they're also the inventors of Nescafe - the first instant coffee AND milk chocolate!? We call it the "genius country."


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Show me where Switzerland is on google maps


Best for: Wilderness, Photography, Adventure, Nature

Quick facts:

Part of the Kingdom of Denmark, the Faroe Islands consist of 18 volcanic islands, formed over 30 million years ago. These islands are all connected by tunnels, ferrys, causeways and bridges. Irish hermit monks are thought to have been the first settlers here and there's a place called the 'Irish pub' which is said to serve some of the best beer around.


Show me where the Faroe Islands are on google maps

Want to be featured on too? If you feel like you have an amazing instagram account with beautiful images from a certain destination (at least 9) send us an email! We'd love to hear from you. Please email:


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