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Healthy Eating in Singapore

We spent a month in Singapore, hunting down the best, nutritious food - so you don't have to waste your precious time.

Here are the top 8 eateries where you'll get the best healthy food fix in this vibrant, multicultural city:



This beautifully laid out cafe is Instagram worthy, even before the food comes out. Miniature flower vases sit on all the tables and the walls are adorned with beautifully lush mini plants, magazine racks and other nicknacks to make the place magazine shoot-ready.

The pink beetroot late will please all raw foodies and non-coffee drinkers alike, and the 'meatballs' to start were something out of a middle eastern dream.

For our mains, we had the raw lasagne and pizza, which were both packed with more veggies than I thought possible in one dish. A beautiful feast for feeling as good afterwards as you do whilst eating it.

The salted caramel fudge brownie was just as good as it sounds and we left with full, but light bellies - pretty chuffed about how many vitamins and minerals we'd just consumed!

More about the Afterglow Cafe



Here you will find really yummy acai, spirulina and dragonfruit superfood bowls topped with an even yummier almond butter. Chocolate nibs are sprinkled on top, along with fresh fruit and granola.

The cafe is perfect for a quick takeaway or after-lunch treat, with the extra-crunchy granola being the perfect topping to a creamy bowl of fruity goodness. The serving size was the most generous we came across.

Coocaca also offers delivery via the ubereats app.

More about Coocaca



Here you'll feel like you've landed on the outskirts of Melbourne, in one of those super hip cafe/restaurants that everyone who's anyone goes to. The only difference? You probably won't find anyone in their lululemon yoga tights, sporting a fake tan and oversized designer shades with their perfect little pooch panting at their feet.

Open Farm Community is classy whilst still being super laid-back and actually sits right on the perimeter of the Singapore botanical gardens. It's as though they've brought the whole garden vibe right into the restaurant, and even their food. Almost everything is either local or grown onsite, so freshness is guaranteed.

Meals include pan fried barramundi with wasabi and pea puree, and sweet and salty cereal with pear foam. The french fries come out in the biggest basket I've ever seen, and their freshly squeezed juices are perfect to wash down all that post-chip guilt.

More about Open farm community



This place is a vegan lover's dream. Well, almost - it's 99% dairy free!

The star attraction is the coconut soft serve, made from mostly coconut water and topped with slightly sinful granola and/or chocolate pieces, if you're feeling extra sweet. Alternatively, opt to stay on the healthy route and top your frozen swirl with fresh tropical fruit like mango, pineapple and watermelon.

Being on Orchard Road, it's the perfect health treat after (or during) one of those Singapore shopping sprees without having to spend too much or venture too far from the clothing racks.

More about Husk



Looking for the best acai bowls in Singapore? These guys are all about health food - not just because it's a trend, but because they care. The acai bowls don't have any sugar added to them - just 100% raw fruit.

The on-site nutritionist is the first indication of how dedicated to health this company is. They've also just recently launched their 'signature elixir', which is designed specifically for your nutritional needs (after a free consultation with the nutritionist).

You'll be asked about your stress levels, how much energy you have during the day and if you're able to sleep well at night - which will then determine the ingredients added to your elixir.

HIC cafe also have a huge selection of raw juices and detox packages for anyone serious about an internal cleanse. It's the go-to spot for a feel good treat.

More about HIC Cafe



Haakon is cute superfood cafe, with a Swedish-style dining area in the B2 level of 313@somerset mall on Orchard road. It's great for enjoying something small, and a nice environment for doing a bit of work.

Here you'll not only get your acai bowl fix (best granola topping we tried - and they put yummy chia pudding on the bottom!) but they also make amazing smoothies and incredible healthy salads.

Only downside? Acai bowls are far too sweet and not very generous - you might as well get an ice-cream.

More about the Håakon Cafe



Hawker markets can be found all over Singapore, but the best value stalls are the ones in or close to Chinatown.

A freshly squeezed or blended juice can set you back a mere 1 SGD, with the most expensive ones pushing 6 SGD. Amazing value or what? Healthy food never looked or tasted so good.

Our favourites? The bright pink dragonfruit is amazing and will make any girl happy. If you dare, go green and try an avocado juice!


MUST TRY: ABC dessert

Hands down one of the best places we've eaten at - in the world. The young owner is the mastermind behind one of the most popular ice-cream and dessert restaurants in Singapore, Fatcat.

STRAY by Fatcat is his second creation and it's mind-blowing. Alongside his head-chefs, they create dishes out of a foodie-heaven dream. Think steaming iced teas with bursting fruit bubbles inside, a giant beetroot that's actually made of fruit and vegetable juices, with beetroot mousse and a frozen 'apple snow'.

Then there's giant bursting 'popping spheres,' which are huge fruit and vegetable bubbles - waiting to burst in your mouth. These are just a few of the edible art pieces on offer here.

Go before you have to book well in advance. It's still very new, but it won't be long before everyone else knows about this little secret too.

More about STRAY

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