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Singapore's Best Eateries

Whilst New York is well known for its incredible eateries, Singapore is truly in a league of its own. The locals have extremely fussy tastebuds and because of the huge melting pot of cultures that is Singapore - every taste is catered for.

Here are some of the very best eateries that will be sure to please everyone - locals, expats and visitors alike.



  • Incredible desserts that won't just blow you away with their looks. They taste sensational too

  • Be that person to have gone here before everyone else knows about it!

  • Asian fusion to perfection

Situated right on Orchard road, you'll find Stray by FatCat on level four of the Orchard Central shopping complex. This new dining experience is a must visit place for anyone who appreciates molecular gastronomy - a type of food art where science principles are used to create incredible creations using high quality, edible ingredients. We think the pictures can speak for themselves.



  • Meatballs (as the name suggests)

  • Digital nomads wanting a nice working environment for an amazing price - $50 per day including wifi, and then you get a $50 voucher for food and drinks at Clubco cafe or the Meatballs restaurant!

  • DIY breakfasts and good coffee

Club Meatballs is a cute establishment close to Chinatown, where you can get some of the best breakfast dishes in town.

Walk through the restaurant however, and you'll find yourself in a beautifully laid out open-office space where you can pay daily, weekly or monthly rental to use all the facilities. Best of all, you can use the membership payment as credit towards food!

The space is also available for business functions, weddings, meetings, birthdays etc. The cost of this hire is also 100% redeemable on food and drinks.



  • Latte in a chocolate coated ice-cream cone (one of the best coffees in Singapore)

  • Beef cheek on a soft bed of dreamy mash

We came here because we'd heard about their latte in a cone and boy - was it good! Coated in a thick layer of chocolate and stuffed with a marshmallow to act as a plug, the espresso and textured milk are poured in and served immediately. Surprisingly there was no leakage at all - it was so good - we came back for another the next day.

Their signature dish of beef cheeks is also a must try, and the drinks menu has a few more surprises that you'll just have to go and see for yourself. It's a bit of a mission to get there but 100% worth it. The staff here are super lovely too.



  • Healthy raw food

  • Beetroot and ginger latte

  • Caramel chocolate fudge that's good for you

The best raw vegan health food shop in Singapore, without a doubt. They are really serious about keeping it veg here and despite the higher price tag, the taste and serving sizes are worth every extra cent. The quality of ingredients and absence of 'frying the goodness out of everything' left us feeling energised for the rest of the day.



  • Harry Potter fans - yes you can even dress up! Perfect for children's birthdays.

  • "Magical" interactive meals

  • Instagram gold

If you're a Harry Potter fan, this cafe is your first stop when visiting Singapore. The restaurant has everything from wizards wands and witch hats to Harry Potter glasses, bird cages and giant capes to complete your new look. Meals are the just as 'magical' with this flaming blue drink being the most exciting of them all.



  • Beautiful atmosphere with inside and outdoor seating

  • An incredible fruit salad

  • Early morning fix when everything else is closed

Punch has some of the best breakfast food in Singapore. It's open early which is rare for cafes in the city, and you'll be sure to find something to please everyones tastebuds from smashed avocado on toast, pancakes or a beautifully presented fruit salad. The serving sizes could be more generous and the coffee wasn't the best, but at PUNCH the coffee changes frequently so you may get a better cup than we did.



  • For anyone wanting to try something unique and delicious

  • Japanese fusion tastes

  • Instagram worthy food

If this image doesn't make you want to visit this funky cafe in the heart of Bugis, then I'm not sure what will.

This is what you're in for: a fried mochi donut (gooey and crispy at the same time) smothered in the sauce of the day, sprinkled with cookie crumbs and freeze dried raspberries, then filled with the soft serve flavour of the day. Here we had Kaya sauce (Malaysian coconut jam) and Matcha (Japanese green tea) soft serve. Watermelon, cookies and cream and coconut have been some of the most popular flavours. Despite the strange-sounding ingredients, this was like a beautiful Asian symphony of flavours on the tastebuds - which kept us digging for more.



  • Freak shakes

  • Freak burgers

  • Freak cakes

What can you look forward to? Giant portions, ultra-indulgent ingredients, incredible flavour and probably the most extravagant food presentations we've ever seen.

The Freak Shakes are HUGE and are actually flavoured by blending an entire slice of cake with milk and ice-cream - frosting and all! Shakes are then topped with colourful whipped cream, lollies, biscuits, donuts, cake and candy floss to create anything from a unicorn to the cookie monster (complete with cookie jar and a cup of milk). If you're craving sugar - this is the place to go.



  • Relaxing meal where you can catch up with friends

  • Health food

  • Beautifully presented meals with taste to match - and not skimping on the size either

Right next to the botanical gardens, nestled beneath lush tropical jungle, Open Farm Community has created a quiet sanctuary where you can enjoy a relaxing catch up with friends and family.

The food here is exquisite: ingredients are fresh and mostly organic with menu options for everyone. Their bowl of french fries is the largest we've ever seen, and the desserts are amazing! The above treat on the black plate is made up of a rich chocolate cherry brownie, candied walnuts, cherry sorbet and a sour cherry mousse. It tasted every bit as good as it sounds - and looks.



  • Group meals - amazing tapa style plates

  • Fresh, flavourful, something a little different

  • Softshell crab with salted egg sauce - Singapore on a plate!

Located in one of the most sophisticated and chic areas of Singapore, Coriander Leaf overlooks the Chijmes Square where other hip restaurants string fairy light between trees and the sound of traffic is drowned by friendly chatter and clinking of wine glasses.

Coriander Leaf sits above the rest for a reason. It's one of the best eateries in Singapore, where small sharing plates are their calling. A beautiful blend of Asian fusion meets Middle Eastern, and then served spanish tapas style. Ingredients are fresh, clean and bursting with flavours - with the 'must try' dish being a perfectly fried soft shell crab smothered in salted egg yolk. It's Singapore on a plate.



  • Sushi

  • Ramen

  • The best Japanese fusion you'll ever try

Hana Japanese has the best Japanese food we've tasted - in the world.

Classic items such as soba noodles are served on levitating chopsticks - as if they're ready to feed you unassisted. Sauces are no less delightful - salted egg yolk and a light soy truffle were the two we tried (and almost licked the bowls clean - they were so good).

The best thing we tasted? A huge plate of fried sushi that was smothered in raclette cheese (a huge wheel of melted swiss cheese) and blow torched at the table until crispy, before being set alight at the table to finish off the 'fry'. Hands down the the best sushi we've ever tried.

Dessert was almost too pretty to eat - a 'Tiramatchu' garden. Inside a glass dome, the matcha soaked sponge, with layers of mascarpone cream, is the 'soil' with a dainty sprig of mint sprouting out of it.



  • Softshell crab burger

  • Breakfast or brunch

  • The best stuffed toast in Singapore

An unassuming little place at the entrance of Hotel NuVe Heritage, Yummo Chow has become most well known for their twist to the classic Singapore crab.

An entire crab is deep fried, smothered in salted egg yolk mayonnaise, then sandwiched between a soft buttery brioche bun.

To finish off, we had an incredible crunchy golden stuffed toast. A perfect loaf of golden sweet brioche that was filled with mango, banana, vanilla ice-cream and caramel sauce.


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